Aims & Objectives

Why should you join ?

  1. We cherish your prosperity in mind and offering need-based academic programmes.
  2. Our experienced staff will solve all your difficulties and enable you to take the examination with confidence.
  3. Providing access to high quality and maintaining standards in distance education. 
  4. Our lessons are so designed to extend the pleasure of clean room learning lessons brought out in the text book, that even a below average student can understand them clearly.
  5. Our employment assistance bureau gives guidance in jobs.

Rules and Regulations:

For Regular Students

  • Student should carry his identity card in the institute premises.
  • Student should be regular in the classes or he/she would not be allowed to sit in the examination.
  • Any kind of irregularity in the Practical will not be permitted.
  • The fees and subscription paid will not be refunded in any case irrespective of whether a student  joins or does not join after securing admission.
  • Students are advised not to mishandle the polytechnic property. Damages to property, furniture or books etc. will be chargeable from the students to the extent of the same replacement cost.

Note: The non observation of proper discipline may lead to the students suspension or expulsion from the polytechnic.

For Correspondence Students


  • Some courses have Practical / Project component also. Practicals are held at designated Institutions. Attendance at Practicals is compulsory.
  • Self Assessment exercises with each unit of study.
  • The term-end examinations.
  • A Project work
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