Dear Students,

Welcome to Aalisha Polytechnic. I must appreciate your judicious choice in deciding to join this institute for acquiring higher knowledge and skills as this institute aims at providing high quality education and learning environment.

True and meaningful education primarily focusing on interaction among the finest minds and directing its endeavor towards tapping and developing the latest capacities and potentialities of the learners is a source of new ideas social and economic changes which are constantly undergoing reconstruction.

I expect a lot from the students. Please put your Heart and soul in your course and draw the maximum through your learned and dedicated teachers so that you are fully capable to bring honor to your selves, your elmamater, your society and above all your nation. May you realize your cherished dreams.

I, therefore, take the opportunity of inviting all career conscious parents and their wards to the institute for proper counseling so that they are able to choose the best discipline for the professional course of their wards, in order to aim for a brighter career by using the services of well qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty of the institute Your search for Bright carrier ends here.

Managing Director
Mr. Kultar Singh

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