To offer wide range of higher education in time with the needs of Industry, Business and Society, with a strong commitment to excellence and creativity in teaching and learning which is responsive to regional, national and international needs and aspirations.

Aalisha Polytechnic of Higher Education and Advance Technology aims to produce world class professionals in different fields. Which give true and meaningful education primarily focusing on interaction among the finest minds and directing its endeavour towards tapping and developing the latest capacities and potentialities of the learner as a source of new ideas, new social and economics changes which are constantly undergoing reconstruction.

The ultimate aim of the Institute is to become a self sufficient, innovative and autonomous Institution with multi facilities. The Institute shall seek professional excellence through ethics, passion and perseverance. It shall draw its strength from team spirit, integrity and abiding loyalty. The guiding philosophy of the Institute being “Growth with a purpose”.

Our mission to inculcate professionalism in Management and to enhance the effectiveness of organization. The Mission of the Institute is “Learning to excel and excelling to serve “.

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